@theEdge an Introduction

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Qor @theEDGE simply refers to moving our computing infrastructure closer to the end-user and consumer. It is our distributed framework where payments and validation of those payments are processed as close to the originating end-user and consumer as possible.

Our goal of @theEDGE is to minimize the latency, improve transaction security, enhance fraud prevention / detection, and offload processing and validation by pushing portions of our engine to the Edge. This is achieved in three forms — 1) our use of a custom software stack emulating our cloud services, 2) our processing engine has been seamlessly extended to multiple point-of-presence (PoP) locations and 3) to a Multi-Access Edge (MEC) layer utilizing for instance upcoming 5G implementations.

We will further push our Edge presence through implementing Medium Edge and eventually Mini Edge deployments.

Our Medium Edge deployment model represents a cluster of inexpensive / commodity servers running via the 4G / 5G edge layer (MEC). The cluster would be powered by a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), or an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). We are implementing a Kubernetes cluster manager for global orchestration of those workloads and resources.

To achieve our Mini Edge initiative, we will deploy single board computers. enhanced POS systems or integrate our technology directing into payment devices with a portion of our processing engine.

Furthermore, our OmniChannel (CP/CNP/Alternative) payment customers have the option to take advantage of Qor @theEDGE. Allowing them to implement to our edge endpoints to minimize latency, improve transaction security, enhance fraud prevention / detection... for their transaction processing needs.

If you would like to start developing and testing an application on the Qor @theEDGE Platform you will need to contact business development and they will be able to help you register an EDGE account to receive an Edge key.

Once you have a Edge id you will be able to register application keys associated with your edge account.

Request An @theEDGE Account

You can request an Edge account by contacting business development. Support is available M-F between 8AM and 8PM Eastern Time Zone.

If after hours, you can still make a request by contacting business development with your name, email and a brief message with your request. A business development agent will contact you within 1-2 business days.