Payment Response Codes

The following Response Status Codes are specific to QorCommerce - preceeded with a GW (ex. GW00):

success00The transaction has been accepted and approved by the host processor
pending01Call issuer for authorization
declined02The transaction has been accepted but declined by the host processor
declined03Request formatting error. Typically this error is received when missing required parameter values. The transaction was not passed to the host processor.
declined04Confiscate card (no fraud assumed)
declined05Do not honor card
declined06A duplicate Qor-Idempotent-Key header value was detected. The transaction was not passed to the host processor.
declined07The card passed for a level 3 transaction is not qualified. The transaction was not passed to the host processor.
pending08Valid ID required for transaction
declined09Non-specified Error. You can try the transaction again
declined10Approved for lesser amount
declined11Invalid Account format
declined12Transaction type not permitted for this account
declined13Invalid transaction amount
declined14Account number or length error.
declined15Invalid issuer.
declined17Cardholder requested a cancellation on recurring charges
declined18Customer dispute
declined19Bad transaction data or setup, re-enter
declined20Void no longer possible, issue a refund
declined21Invalid refund transaction, issue a void
declined24PIN tries exceeded
declined30Date error. Check format or value is a future date
declined31Card type not accepted by host / switch
declined34Confiscate card (fraud assumed)
declined39No such credit account
declined40Requested function not supported
declined41Confiscate card (reported lost)
declined43Confiscate card (reported stoled)
declined44Try lesser amount
declined51Insufficient funds
declined54Credit/Debit card expired
declined55Bad Debit/ EBT pin info
declined56Invalid Address
declined57Card not permitted for this transaction type
declined60Invalid Zip/Postal code
declined61Exceeds withdrawal limit
declined62Invalid service code
declined63Security violation
declined65Exceeds activity limit
declined70Terminal does not support card type
declined71Invalid Terminal Id
declined72Account closed
declined73Capture already processed
declined74Refund / Void already processed
declined75Transaction aborted
declined76Record not found
declined77Terminal / Device error
declined81Encryption Error (usually debit/ebt)
declined82CVV incorrect
declined843DS data incorrect
declined89Bad merchant ID
declined94Duplicate batch number
declined95Batch error
declined96System error
declined97CVV2 / CID error
declined99Void not accepted
declinedN3Cash back services unavailable (VISA)
declinedN4Too much cash back (VISA)
declinedN7CVV2 mismatch (VISA)
declined3003Transaction amount over maximum allowed
declined3004Transaction amount under minimum allowed