Styler - Checkout & Receipts (app)

AppBloq: Customized Payment Forms and Receipts

AppBloq: Styler is our Checkout & Receipts bundle that allows you to embed within your site / application the customization of payment forms and receipts that are used across the QorCommerce payments platform. These payment forms allow your customers to securely collect consumer payment information and automatically associate and send receipts to them.

Benefits of our Styler: AppBloq

  • Low-code implementation
  • Let's your customers customize their payment forms and receipts from within your site / application

PCI Compliance

If you're not Tier-1 PCI DSS compliant and do not want to be, we recommend that you use our Invoicing Lite : AppBloq to allow your customers to collect and store consumer payment details.

How to use Styler - user guide

Setup and Parameters

Query String Options & Settings

  • token: The merchant token / key (qor-client-key)
  • app: Application interface to initialize. Current values are receipts and forms. Defaults to forms
  • splash_image: Background image url for public home page seen while app is initializing. Default is random image from
  • splash_logo: Logo prominantly displayed on public home page. No defaults
  • splash_subtitle: Text subtitle on public home page. No defaults
  • header_height: Height of header in pixels. For no header set to 0. Defaults to 70
  • header_badge: URL to header badge. Should be square. No default
  • header_color: Background color of header. Set as a hex color code. Defaults to #333
  • header_forms_title: Title for forms app header. Defaults to Forms
  • header_receipts_title: Title for forms app header. Defaults to Receipts
  • header_title_color: Hex color code for header title. Defaults to #fafafa
  • alert_icon: Material icon name for alert header icon. Default is notification_important.
  • alert_badge: Url to alert header icon. Should be square image. If provided will override alert_icon
  • switch_menu: If true will provide a menu item in the LIST ACTIONS menu dropdown providing the ability to switch views between the form list and receipt list. Default is false

Include an iFrame within a <div>, modal, your choice:

  <iframe src=" Checkout Forms&header_badge=" width="98%" height="100%" style="border: 1px #4c608a solid; border-radius: 4px; background-color: white; padding: 10px"></iframe>

Here is a sample of the AppBloq that will be presented within your site / application:

1501 1498