Card Present (CP) made easy


QorConnect is a module that supports card present (CP) transactions via swipe, EMV and NFC. The QorCommerce platform manages and connects payment devices/terminals (CP devices) based on a Terminal ID via our Virtual Terminal (VT) or solely based on API calls sent from the POS to QorCommerce.

The process is straightforward and simple:

  • The user begins a transaction in the VT / POS
  • VT / POS sends an API call to QorCommerce using our API
  • The device/terminal assigned to the Terminal ID begins the payment process, performs the payment process and returns the transaction data
  • QorCommerce returns the transaction data to the VT / POS and the VT / POS continues its normal process
  • QorCommerce stores all transaction data in real time and reports can be run immediately


In order to setup the payment device/terminal for use with QorCommerce a location must be setup with QorConnect. This location will supply a VAR sheet / payment information sheet where the device/terminal processes its payments. QorCommerce generates a unique Location ID which is used to properly identify and send payment requests and responses to and from the device/terminal. QorConnect also requires the serial number of the device/terminal in order to associate the device/terminal properly.