Authorization (pre-auth) - Use a Payment Token

Pre-Authorize an amount on a credit/debit card using a card token

QorCommerce provides a Secure Vault that will encrypt and store card numbers and return a token you can store with the client and/or a contract to use for future payments.

Card Tokens can be created from card data or track data during a sale or authorize transaction by providing the required card data and store_card == true parameter in the request. You can also create a card token using the Create a Payment Token endpoint.

To use a card token for a authorization, you simply pass the token as a creditcard value in the request using this endpoint.


    The following parameters are available to process a card token authorization.
    midthe Merchant ID (MID) assigned by QorCommerce or your merchant service provider (MSP)Yes
    toptType Of Payment Transaction - set a value to simply tag and/or route a transaction to a pre-defined provider.No
    reference_idA reference id that will be echo'd back in the message response.No
    amountthe total amount to processYes
    service_chargethe amount of the total sum of this transaction that is made up of the service_chargeNo
    creditcardthe card tokenYes
    cvvsupply the card validation value of the tokenized card for security purposesYes
    currencyThe currency to process. Defaults to USD if no value providedNo
    invoiceidthe merchant invoice id associated with the saleNo
    orderidunique merchant order numberYes
    ipaddressThe IP address of the client or server sending the requestNo
    cfirstnamethe customers first nameNo
    clastnamethe customers last nameNo
    cemailthe customers email addressNo
    cphonethe customers phone numberNo
    risk_scorerisk score associated to this transaction (*if you are using a risk prevention system)No
    store_cardif true will store card in QorCommerce Secure Vault and return a card tokenNo
    metadataa set of key-value pairs that you can attach to a payment. This can be useful for storing additional information about the payment in a structured format.No
    JSON Example

    The following JSON example provides test values to process a card token sale. You can copy and paste these values in the Body Params section below to be used by the Try It feature

      "transaction_data": {
        "mid": "887728202",
        "amount": "1.5",
        "creditcard": "909055$asoCdcdt",
        "cvv": "999",
        "currency": "USD",
        "orderid": "193383",
        "invoiceid": "INV-123332",
        "ipaddress": "",
        "cfirstname": "Russell",
        "clastname": "Hanneman",
        "cemail": "[email protected]",
        "cphone": "1-344-877-8928",
        "cwebaddress": ""

    Response Codes

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