Add Settlement Schedule

Add a Merchant Settlement Schedule.


The following parameters are available to properly update a settlement schedule.

namethe name of the settlement scheduleNo
descriptionthe description of the settlement scheduleNo
bank_tokenthe bank account token associated with this merchant's bank accountYes
schedulethe schedule frequency of the settlement schedule
Possible request values are daily, weekly, monthly, and annually
schedule_factorthe multiplier to the settlement schedule
For example: A request with a daily schedule and a schedule factor of 2 will make settlements every other day, a schedule factor of 3 will settle every third day and so on...
start_datethe date that the settlement schedule will start
Note: The date is in YYYYMMDD form and must be set on a Tuesday through Friday
amountthe amount to be settledYes
unit_of_measurethe unit of measure that the settlement is using to calculate how much is being settled
Possible request values are actual for a specific dollar amount being settled and percent for a percent amount being settled
minimumthe minimum amount required for a settlementNo
maximumthe maximum amount of a settlementNo
floatthe minimum amount that is desired to stay inside of an account's balanceNo
off_daysindicates whether or not that holidays and weekends will create a settlement
Possible request values are 0 = do not skip off days and 1 = skip off days
same_dayindicates whether a settlement will be made the same day this update is requested
Possible request values are 0 = not same day and 1 = is same day
is_inactiveindicates whether or not the settlement schedule is active
Possible request values are 0 = active and 1 = inactive
is_frozenindicates whether or not the settlement schedule is frozen
Possible request values are 0 = not frozen and 1 = frozen
JSON Example

The following JSON example provides test values to add a settlement schedule. You can copy and paste these values in the Body Params section above to be used by the Try It feature

    "schedule": "weekly",
    "bank_token": "{bank_account_token}",
    "name": "release",
    "description": "release reserve",
    "start_date": "20201225",
    "unit_of_measure": "actual",
    "schedule_factor": 1,
    "amount": 2.00
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