Update Settlement Schedule(s)

Update / set a payout on a Merchant's Settlement Schedule(s).


The following parameters are available to properly update / set payout on a settlement schedule.

idthe id of the settlement schedule to be updated
The settlement id can be found by using the 'Fetch Settlement Schedule' API call
nameyour name of the settlement schedule (individually granted)No
descriptiona description of the settlement schedule (individually granted)No
schedulethe desired schedule frequency of the settlement schedule
Possible request values are daily, weekly, monthly, and annually
schedule_factorthe multiplier to the settlement schedule
For example: A request with a daily schedule and a schedule factor of 2 will make settlements every other day, a schedule factor of 3 will settle every third day and so on
start_datethe start date of the updated settlement
Note: The date is in YYYYMMDD form and the dates must be Tuesday through Friday
amountthe desired amount to be settledNo
unit_of_measurethe unit of measure that the settlement is using to calculate how much is being settled
Possible request values are actual for a specific dollar amount being settled and percent for a percent amount being settled (individually granted)
minimumthe minimum amount required for a settlement to be made (individually granted)No
maximumthe maximum amount of a settlement (individually granted)No
floatthe minimum amount that is desired to stay inside of an account's balance (individually granted)No
off_daysindicates whether or not that holidays and weekends will create a settlement
Possible request values are 0 = do not skip off days and 1 = skip off days (individually granted)
same_dayindicates whether a settlement will be made the same day this update is requested
Possible request values are 0 = not same day and 1 = is same day (individually granted)
is_inactiveindicates whether or not the settlement schedule is active
Possible request values are 0 = active and 1 = inactive (individually granted)
is_frozenindicates whether or not the settlement schedule is frozen
Possible request values are 0 = not frozen and 1 = frozen (individually granted)
JSON Example

The following JSON example provides test values to update a settlement schedule. You can copy and paste these values in the Body Params section above to be used by the Try It feature

      "id": "{schedule_id}",
      "amount": 3.00
      "id": "{schedule_id}",
      "amount": 6.00
Channels Test Credentials

Use the following values for testing this endpoint

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