Debit (Sale) - Use a Token

Process an ACH Debit (Sale) with an account token

In banking a debit transaction is when you take funds from an account. (This is the same function as a sale transaction on a credit card). An ACH debit transaction authorizes to “pull” funds from a customer bank account, typically used for a sale or subscription.


    The following parameters are available to process an ACH Debit transaction.
    midthe Merchant ID (MID) assigned by QorCommerce or your merchant service provider (MSP)Yes
    reference_idA reference id that will be echo'd back in the message response.No
    amountthe total amount to debitYes
    orderida unique merchant order tracking numberYes
    checknumbercheck number to captureNo
    checkdatedate provided for the checkNo
    transactiondatedate to assign for the transactionNo
    account_numberbank account tokenYes
    banknamename of the bank for debitNo
    bankcitybank cityNo
    bankstatebank 2-char state codeNo
    customeriddebited account holder customer IDNo
    cfirstnamedebited account holder first nameNo
    clastnamedebited account holder last nameNo
    cphonedebited account holder phone numberNo
    cemaildebited account holder emailNo
    caddress1debited account holder street 1 addressNo
    caddress2debited account holder street addressNo
    ccitydebited account holder cityNo
    cstatedebited account holder stateNo
    czipdebited account holder zip codeNo
    memofree form textNo
    metadataa set of key-value pairs that you can attach to a payment. This can be useful for storing additional information about the payment in a structured format.No
    JSON Example

    The following JSON example provides a template for all the ACH Debit parameter values. You can copy and paste these values in the Body Params section above to be used by the Try It feature

      "transaction_data": {
        "mid": "",
        "amount": "",
        "orderid": "",
        "seccode": "",
        "checknumber": "* if seccode = RCK",
        "checkdate": "",
        "transactiondate": "",
        "name_on_account": "",
        "routing_number": "",
        "account_number": "",
        "account_type": "",
        "account_nickname": "",
        "bankname": "",
        "bankcity": "",
        "bankstate": "",
        "customerid": "",
        "cfirstname": "",
        "clastname": "",
        "cphone": "",
        "cemail": "",
        "caddress1": "",
        "caddress2": "",
        "ccity": "",
        "cstate": "",
        "czip": "",
        "memo": "",
        "store_accnt": ""


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