Refund an ACH Debit transaction

You can refund an ACH Debit transaction and credit the bank account for the original transaction amount. A refund should be performed after the ACH Debit has batch processed. If the ACH Debit has not batch processed you should use a *ACH Void**.


The following parameters are available to process ACH Refund.

midthe Merchant ID (MID) assigned by QorCommerce or your merchant service provider (MSP)Yes
reference_idA reference id that will be echo'd back in the message response.No
transaction_idthe payment gateway unique transaction_id for the original ACH Credit or DebitYes
orderidthe unique order ID that was assigned to the original ACH debit transactionYes
metadataa set of key-value pairs that you can attach to a payment. This can be useful for storing additional information about the payment in a structured format.No


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