Process Sale

process a sale using a gift card


The following parameters are available to process a gift card sale.

midthe Merchant ID (MID) assigned by QorCommerce or your merchant service provider (MSP)YES
amountthe total amount to processYES
creditcardthe gift card track dataYES
giftcardinteger value
1 = full redemption
8 = partial redemption
invoiceidthe merchant invoice id associated with the saleYES
orderidunique merchant order tracking numberNO
ipaddressThe IP address of the client or server sending the requestNO
JSON Example

The following JSON example provides test values to process a gift card sale. You can copy and paste these values in the Body Params section above to be used by the Try It feature

  "transaction_data": {
    "mid": "887728202",
    "amount": "2.75",
    "creditcard": "6678249877878121",
    "giftcard": 1,
    "invoiceid": "INV-123332",
    "orderid": "193383",
    "ipaddress": ""


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