Invoicing Freemium (app)

AppBloq - Invoicing

AppBloq Invoicing - Freemium is part of our App series - it is geared towards accurate and secure invoicing and giving you a bloq that you can plug into your own site / application. Instead of your customers using Word and Excel docs, PayPal forms or overpriced software, with AppBloq: Invoice your customers can send beautiful branded invoices with minimum effort and maximum professionalism.

Invoicing happens online, in our secure environment. Your customers can access their invoicing activity no matter where they are and what device they may be using.

Benefits of our Invoicing Freemium: AppBloq

  • Low-code implementation
  • Keeps your site / application PCI-Compliant
  • Let customers run invoicing from within your site / application

Integrate with thousands of apps (coming soon)

Setup and Options

Path Parameter

  • The merchant token / key (qor-client-key)

Query String Options & Settings

  • view: invoice, customer, product
  • email:
  • isTest:
  • clientLogoSplash:
  • clientLogoWide:
  • clientLogoBadge:
  • headerOn:
  • headerTitleColor:
  • headerTitleIcon:
  • headerTitle:
  • headerColor:
  • headerHeight:
  • alertIcon:
  • subheaderTitleIcon:
  • subheaderTitleColor:
  • subheaderTitle:
  • subheaderColor:
  • subheaderHeight:
  • subheaderMenu:

Include an iFrame within a <div>, modal, your choice:

<div style="width:400px; height:485px;" >
  <iframe src="" width="99%" height="100%" style="border: 1px #4c608a solid; border-radius: 4px; background-color: white; padding: 10px">

Here is a sample of the AppBloq that will be presented within your site / application: